Awakening the soul… Spiritual guidance and counselling

Spiritual guidance offers a comfortable passage for individuals journeying with a trained guide walking by their side, praying, meditating, and always lovingly listening. This practice is soul lifting for those in a trusted and compatible companionship.

The Sacred Thread Ministries’ program searches for compatibility in pairing companions. Director, Dr. Peter J. Krebs, S.T. is a trained psychologist with combined forty-four years’ service in the priesthood as pastor of a 200 member Vatican II Intentional Eucharistic Community and twenty years as a trained psychologist ministering to both religious and secular clients.

“Spiritual guidance is uniquely centered about a person’s desire to find God in his or her life, as well as God’s desire to be in their life. We all differ in personality and secular and religious experiences, making it imperative that the pairing of the two accommodates the journeyer’s needs,” Fr. Peter said. As director of the Sacred Thread Counselling and Guidance Ministry, Fr. Peter carefully assesses each candidate before reaching out to match the person with a trained spiritual guide. “It goes a long way toward making for a thoroughly compatible journey.”

Many of the spiritual guides in Fr. Peter’s roster are graduates of the An Croi Spiritual Guidance Institute, where Fr. Peter is an instructor.

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