Finding new roads to god’s presence in our lives… Diverse retreat offerings

It can be difficult to recognize the recurring THREAD of God’s love in our lives; or to even ask the question ‘where is God in my life at this time?  This universal question has become the foundation on which the Sacred Thread Ministries develops its retreats. As presenters, Dr. Kathy Detlet, Sr. Anita Constance and I, continue to explore this question in our own spiritual  journeying,  so while we present what we have learned in our years of psychological, theological and social studies training, as well as our past and present personal experiences, we walk side by side with those on our retreats.

Sacred Thread retreats are designed to create a tapestry of love, commitment and awareness: for us to know and feel God’s love by committing our spirit to be open and aware that as we search for God, we believe God is searching for us.  How empowered we can become when we know that it is a two-way journey; that this omnipresent God is searching for us!  Perhaps we are sleeping, or hiding, or just unaware that we are important enough to be sought by God! Our desire is to help you find your God in your life; to ultimately know and experience  God  walking by your side.