Folding into the light of learning… An Croi (the Heart) Spiritual Guidance Institute

An Croi offers a diploma in Spiritual Guidance through a unique and creative and contemplative approach.

Carmel Boyle and Gerry Holton, An Croi founders

Carmel Boyle and Gerry Holton, An Croi founders

Since 1995 An Croi Wisdom Learning Community, established by Geraldine Holton and Carmel Boyle, has been inspirational and innovative in the context of spirituality and adult learning. Through its activities of spiritual enrichment and training programs, spiritual guidance and media resources, An Croi seeks to nurture the transformative potential and innate wisdom at the core of each person while responding to the challenges of a changing spiritual landscape.

The talents and experiences of its founders combine to promote transformation through a contemplative, creative and holistic approach.  Their work brings together a background in education, spirituality, theology, psychology and the expressive arts.

An Croi is committed to offering creative spiritual enrichment opportunities and transformative learning in the context of a wisdom learning community.

Deeply rooted in an empowering spirituality that is enriched by the Christian tradition and our Celtic heritage, ‘An Croi’ offers a spirituality of the heart that facilitates growing in wisdom and Spiritual unfolding, characterized by hospitality, creativity, sensitivity to the feminine and inclusiveness.

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