ancroiThe two year program is designed to facilitate growth in understanding the ways of the Divine in the human experience, and enable participants to develop a philosophy of Spiritual Guidance grounded in their own learning experiences and the underlying elements of this program.

The first year covers theoretical and foundational skills for practicing spiritual guidance within various settings, while the second year builds on these foundations with practical training, spiritual foundations and the opportunity to engage in guiding others under supervision.

The program involves intensive residential training days with distant learning and practice. Participants must be able to self-schedule at least three retreat days each year, and commit to the required number of personal spiritual guidance and supervision days.

Entry requirements:

  • Candidates will normally feel a call to be a spiritual guide

  • Have a background in spirituality/theology or counselling

  • Be in Spiritual Guidance themselves

  • Have a commitment to spiritual practices

  • Have an ability to listen to others with reverence

  • Commit to the components of the program

  • Have a personal capacity for character transformation

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