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Fr. Peter calls community to fight for resolution of refugee ban

Fr. Peter J. Krebs, S.T. called on his ‘community of believers’  to reflect, pray and fight for compassionate resolution of the government’s temporary ban  on refugees entering the USA from a select group of countries.

Reacting to the demonstrations throughout the world on Jan. 29-30, Fr. Peter said, “We cannot overlook our responsibility as Catholics and Americans to keep open our doors to those seeking refuge here,” urging fellow Catholics to continue to write their Congressional representative and demanding that “the government  humanely continue the  traditional vetting process.”

Referring to Sunday’s liturgical readings on The Beatitudes from Christ’s Sermon on the Mount, Fr. Peter noted, “in the Beatitudes Jesus challenged accepted values and turned current values upside down.  Are there values accepted in our culture in the USA which need to be turned upside down? Are we to enter the vulnerability of Christ, his unwillingness to protect Himself against pain as He fulfills God’s will?”

Encouraging community members to open dialogue amongst themselves, family and friends – and especially those with opposite views – Fr. Krebs said to ‘look to prayer before you speak’, to respect differences and listen to those who dissent.”  Listening without judgment opens the heart to understanding, if not agreement, and can eventually developing trust-filled relationships, “ he said.

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